Generating revenue on your website or blog can be a daunting task. You've put in the hours writing content, making your website look great, but you'll struggling to find a consistent revenue stream.

While choices are a bit limited in South Africa, affiliate marketing might be one of the best ways to generate a small revenue stream for your existing platform by promoting products or services that relate to your audience.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product or service in exchange for commission if a user completes an action such as signing up or placing an order. The amount you earn will depend on the affiliate program you signup to.

Amazon runs one of the largest and most popular affiliate programs in the world, however there are a few South African websites who also have affiliate programs.

List of affiliate programs in South Africa

While affiliate programs in South Africa are relatively scarce, there are a few South African websites that are willing to give up a commission in exchange for bringing them new business.


Mantality is a gadget and product website aimed at men. They have been around since 2008 and can be trusted. Their product range includes men's skin care and grooming products, gadgets, sports supplements, fragrances and hair products.

The deal: R30 for every signup referral. Plus 10% for every sale you deliver.

Link: Mantality affiliate

Soaring Free Super Foods

Soaring Free Super Foods is South Africa's leading superfood brand. They stock a wide variety of products including super foods, CBD chocolate, super food shakes and more.

The deal: Receive a lifetime 10% off your future orders, plus a credit of 5% per completed order.

Link: Soaring Free Super Foods affiliate


Loot is one of South Africa's largest online stores. They have over 14 million products split across 17 departments including books, electronics, toys, essentials, health & beauty, baby and more.

The deal: Receive R50 credit for every person you refer

Link: Loot Affiliate


iToys is a South African online store where you can purchase Apple products and accessories like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple Mac. They also have a decent range of Android accessories.

The deal: A standard commission rate of 5%



BidorBuy is South Africa's largest online marketplace and has many products either for sale or on auction. Their products include everything from furniture, fashion, laptops, electronics, smartphones, gaming devices, and more.

The deal: Receive R100 per user referred

Link: BidorBuy affiliate


NetFlorist is South Africa's largest online flower and gift store. NetFlorist stock a wide variety of local and international brands, plus they are able to deliver quick (same day), so they're a great option for those who might have forgotten a gift.

The deal:



Travelstart is an African travel agency that's great for finding the best flight, hotel, car rental and vacation packages. The travel industry has declined heavily due to coronavirus, but once things kick off again this might be a good option.

The deal: Earn between R90 - R110 per local booking and R125 - R175 per international booking.

Link: TravelStart Affiliate

Ever Beauty

Ever Beauty South Africa offers a range of affordable makeup formulated to compliment a diverse range of skin tones across South Africa.

The deal: Receive 10% in cash or credit per referral

Link: Ever Beauty Affiliate

Vaadi Organics

VAADI is an international range of organic cosmetics available in 22 countries. With over 300 certified products, the South African online store offers products for face, foot, bath & body, hair, lip balm and more.

The deal: Receive 10% - 20% per referral

Link: Vaadi Organics


We are a South African web design & hosting company. We offer a flat rat of 15% commission on any of our web hosting and WordPress maintenance packages.

The deal: 15% per referral