Starting a business and going through the process of building a website is difficult. If you’re trying to do it yourself and don’t want to hire a web designer, you’ll see a bunch of website builder options available – one of them being Wix.

Wix makes it easy for a novice user to build a somewhat decent looking website within a few hours or days. It’s definitely true and completely possible, but there are a number of short-sighted obstacles that might become apparent down the line.

It's not really free

Wix has the option of a free plan, but it’s not suited towards a professional business offering any product or service. You can’t integrate Google Analytics or sell products on your website. It also comes with advertising and your website address will be

Each of the paid plans, ranging from $4.50 to $24.50 offers different storage capacity and bandwidth limitations.  You’ll still need the technical know-how of purchasing a domain and so on.

Limited theme options

When it comes to designing your website, Wix has the option of 500 pre-defined options to choose from. It might sound like a lot, but there are millions of websites on the internet and you need to stand out. A CMS like Wordpress by comparison, offers tens of thousands of free and premium themes available.

Limited app / plugin options (that might cost)

Wix has over 200 Apps that extend functionality on your website, but be aware not all of them are free. Adding a gallery, form, events calendar, or online store might add additional costs to your website cost.

Not great for SEO

In terms of technical SEO, Wix relies on client-side Javascript to show, which means if there is no Javascript, none of your websites content is indexable or crawlable which is really bad for SEO. Plus, there’s a ton of code bloat found in Wix, which will slow down your website.

You don't own the files

Another huge consideration is that since all your website files will be stored on the Wix server, you’ll never really own them, and have to pay a monthly fee forever to keep your files. If, by chance, Wix ceases to exist, all your files will potentially be taken with them too.

Conclusion: OK for starters or testing out

So while Wix might have it's uses, perhaps you're setting up your first blog, or want to see what it's like to setup a basic website. But when it comes to small business websites it's important to use a proper platform or hire a professional web designer.